RotorSchmiede GmbH – VA250

Rotorschmiede is a new brand which is specialized on lightweight helicopters, especially coaxial helicopters. The requirement comprehended to create the first lightest double rotor aircrafts on the worldwide market. The challenge was to handle the aerodynamics and to invent safety features never seen before. The result is convincing by modularity and design.
Beside the parachute airdrop system of the VA 250, the weight of 240 kg as well is impressive and sensational. In case of emergency the cabin is divulsed from the helicopter away from hazardous parts such as tank or rotor. The parachute guarantees a smooth and save landing.
The Logo of Rotorschmiede unites two elements: a gyrating rotor and T stylises a “plus” for further ambitions. This conclusion allows the company to expand its product range in any way. The Logo will always fit to the purpose.

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