Nespresso Inszena

It’s luxury, if you just don’t have to care about things. It’s luxury, if you don’t have to think about things. It’s luxury, if you are not eaten up by everyday stress.
It’s luxury, if you can just lay back and enjoy!
All those things are offered by the Inszena coffee machine…
The process:
In standby-mode the Inszena welcomes you with fine blue beams of light which indicate the water level. If you want to make coffee, you just have to insert a Nespresso capsule and the machine will begin to operate. The blue light fades out and will be replaced by an orange light. The orange light will accompany you during the whole preparation process. It starts at the outermost points of the machine and works itself up to the top while the coffee is being prepared. When the coffee cup is filled the whole beam of light will glow in deep orange. By removing the cup, the lights will fade out softly.
The cups:
There are two different types of cups; Lungo and Espresso. The Espresso cup has classic character in a new shape. The Lungo cup offers you a new opportunity to hold a cup and warm your hands.
The filling:
There’s one question left, how does the coffee come into the cup?
It is invisible! The coffee is filled through the bottom of the cup. The cup has to be positioned in the centre of the machine and there it is held by magnets. Now a short pipe connects the cup with the rest of the machine. The connection will be sealed by a spherical valve.
All in all, the machine does the work for you, all you have to do is insert a Nespresso capsule and enjoy the show!

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