Magna Mila Coupic

The sixth concept car in the MILA innovation family from Magna Steyr, the MILA Coupic is a dynamic SUV coupé which can be transformed into a sporty pick-up or an open-air convertible.
MILA Coupic is an impressive combination of textile, glass, roof modules and seating technology. The design draws on the details used in developing modern sports shoes and combines it with the functionality and material elements of the textile field. The construction is carried out in different layers. The lowest level is the most robust – in tune with the operational demands made on it – it provides stability. The middle layer stands for safety and comfort, whereas the top level invests the vehicle with the typical sportiness and elegance of a coupé. Dynamism and aggressiveness predominate in the front part of the vehicle and, at the same time, the basic volume of the MILA Coupic in the rear area (pick-up area) is presented with a deliberate accent on strength. The roofline is very drawn out and has an ideal alignment in the style typical of a coupé, to accommodate the folding mechanism. Generously dimensioned wheels support the off-road character. The color scheme is a fresh, sporty metallic green – “clash green“ – combined with satin-finished, mother-of-pearl white – “crystal white” – and aluminum highlights enhance the unconventional look. The Design of the Mila Coupic was done by DI Christoph Aschaber while he was employed by Magna Steyr. For more information check out the Mila Family Homepage on

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