If the energy flow in the body is negative affected through stress, poor nutrition, electromagnetic pollution or continuous excessive demands, the human being is often feeling weak, tired and leached out. Through all that negative effects the human is losing his inner balance and cannot reach the top form any more. GENII is a battery operated electromagnetic pulse generator who works in the biofrequency of the natural geomagnetic field on basis of the Schumann resonances. Over the set out frequency influences the body positive over the magnetic-sensory immune system and helps to recover people with immunocompromised. That continuously given frequency strengthen people and their immune system which makes them more resistant against stress and excessive demands. The given frequencies lead to a more power and a faster regeneration in the everyday life. The user can decide between three different designed impulses, which he can be changed over the device. The red program leads to more power, the green program heads to more balance and the blue program leads to a better relaxation (please do not use it while driving a car).

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