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Waldner Biotech – Mona

Passion for human and nature.

The core competence of Waldner Biotech is the production of high quality grain mills. Thus, the trademark “Osttiroler Haushaltsmühlen” and “Osttiroler Getreidemühlen – das Original” has been already established and know worldwide for more than 20 years. Products of Waldner biotech are found all over the world. This is the result of more than 25 years of hard work. For the purposes of nature, technology and humanity. The challenge for Aberjung was to design a new cereal mill including packaging for a new target group but for an almost unchanged technology. The result is MONA. Mona captivates with its elegant and simple appearance. The traditional material wood is combined with precious metal surfaces. The mill convinces with its integrative design. From the hopper to the scale for the grinding degree to the ventilation slots, everything melts in a homogeneous design. Due to the detached foot and the resulting shadow gap, the mill seems to float slightly. But also the presentation of this product must be appropriate to the specific target group – the packaging: It is only logical to put a round product in a round cover. A two-part cylindrical packaging was designed. The upper part can easily be removed using a bayonet lock. A small base remains, presenting and showcasing the mill. The mill can be removed from the exact fitting base of the packaging, the power cable is also incorporated in this base. The aim of this rather complex but practical packaging is to get rid of the idea of producing any waste. The cover already indicates such a high value due to the detailed solutions that it wants to be kept. Details such as wood veneer on the top and bottom of the cylinder, textile handle, closure system and smart printing. With last mentioned a new logo came into place. The “N” from Mona reflects the basic shape of the mill. The entire lettering is applied over a large area so that only one letter is visible from the front. This makes it possible to achieve a high recognition value when stocking shelves, because the combination of several boxes results in a large lettering.