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SIBA – Sit in Balance

Innovation in the equine sector

The product developed by Christiane Weninger and entirely designed by Aberjung, represents an innovation in the equine sector. It’s the innovative saddle design, which equally involves a training and training function for horse and rider. Several innovations are combined in this product. SIBA is the first training saddle, training the balance of the rider and at the same time making seat adjustments easier. SIBA is also indicated for the treatment of horses with severe back problems. The “soft” connection between horse and rider is appreciated also in therapy treatment. In the past vaulting straps have been used for such purposes. These were mostly very painful for the horse and therefore uncomfortable. SIBA, however, just has soft surfaces. The really clever part of the product is hidden inside. An air filled pillow allows the rider to be constantly in movement in order to enhance the training and therapy effect. Therapists, saddlers, designers and veterinarian were part of this very successful developer team. The design is key: high quality materials, ergonomic shapes and a detailed finish.