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The Nespresso Element concept makes it possible to integrate the coffee machine into your living room, a boutique or an exhibition in a very stylish but reserved style. When the machine is in standby mode, it’s like a picture or a sculpture on the wall. The machine is mainly made out of resin bonded concrete. When you touch the button on the front side the machine moves a little bit out of the wall to enlarge the space for the cup. It seems like the machine oers itself. Meanwhile the metal curtain opens like a theatre 90° turned and rolls in inside the machine so that it can’t be seen anymore. You can control the whole machine with one touch button. It has also a color sensor so that it can dierentiate between lungo and espresso. Also a milk foaming device which ips out when you push is integrated into the button.The Nespresso element is not only a device for the kitchen. You can hang it into the living room or over the bed and it becomes a part of the furniture. You can also use it in a boutique for your customers with the logo of the shop on it. It’s not only a machine, it’s a little piece of art.