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View from the Tauern
Moment of awe

Hohe Tauern Nationalpark Museum

To showcase the biggest National Park of Austria in a basement and part of the first floor was the request for the redesign of the permanent exhibition in the Hohe Tauern National Park Centre in Matrei in East Tyrol. First thoughts on this project led to the conclusion that it’s impossible to showcase such an important protected area in such a little space. That’s why Aberjung decided to take a look from a distance and to pique curiosity. In order to create a welcoming atmosphere, the old and dark appearance of the old exhibition has been changed into a bright and pleasant appearance.
An air space has also been created by breaking through the ceiling between basement and first floor. The walls were intentionally kept white as the insights into the park will be much more intense. All parts of the exhibition deal with 6 experimental environments: summit, rock, ice, creeks, lakes, alpine meadows and pastures. At various stops visitors can learn and see from various angles using different tools. Illusions will be created by using captivating technology such as VR googles, hologram and direct projections.