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Magazine from and for Creatives

This is for people who love the gedankenexperiment. The cover of the magazine reflects the uniqueness of the magazine. The cover for every single issue of the magazine is created by an artist. Back in Fall of 2015 creative people brainstormed a few ideas on how to promote East Tyrol’s creative potential. The team consisting of Stefan Ortner (GreenPrint Osttirol), Lukas Jungmann, Christoph Aschaber, Lukas Nöckler-Wimmer (aberjung), Mag. Dr. Regina Unterguggenberger (sprechrohr pr & media service), Armin Vogrincsics and Alexander Schöffmann (CON3PTO) was successful in creating and a magazine picturing the diversity of creatives in East Tyrol. The magazine covers handcraft, philosophy and technology. In short: an impulse for the economy in East Tyrol.