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3D set-up – lighting – material

Most of the times an idea is the imagination of a vision. It can be challenging to convince others from an idea. The realization of the construction of a new hotel, the redesign or make-over of rooms – these are all complex and careful considerations, taking shape on plots created by architects. Even then it’s still challenging to convince potential customers, marketing departments and possible investors. As a solution Aberjung offers convincing alternatives such as photo-realistic examinations of plots, the possibility to bring a hotel to the market prior to completion or to profitably surprise at architectural competitions. Aberjung understands the language of the customer, architects and also the visionary. The Aberjung-Team acts as designer and initiator at the same time. The team knows, how to present plotted buildings in realistic and appealing pictures and animations. Plastic three-dimensional presentations are much easier to follow and to unterstand as the traditional two-dimensional ones. Sometimes also verbal explanations are not enough in order to communicate impressions and to create emotions. Such a detailed visualization of a construction project really allows a realistic glimpse of the future.