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ILE – floating sauna

ILE is a floating sauna having an islandlike water access, a panoramic window and many more memorable details, an asset to every hotel at a lakeside. The focus of this design is the integration of the sauna in the lake. As a slight wave to guard the island about three feet from the water. Like an iceberg, the bulk of the volume is below the surface, where peace and meditation are waiting for the visitor. The islandlike water access leads slowly and smoothly into the lake and is covered, like a sandy beach, with golden larch slats. The surface is ideal for chilling and resting. A significant cut in the surface, which turns out to be a staircase to the sauna, is the only interruption in this smooth surface. Downstairs you’ll find yourself in the locker room, adjacent to the toilet. From there, the path leads to the stunning sauna area with 2 temperature zones and a breathtaking panorama window reaching halfway into the lake.