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Green – Loader One

Simply soak up the sun

The sun provides the energy to make life possible on our planet. Parts of this natural resource can be converted into electric energy and used to power electronic devices. This requires a photovoltaic cell, power electronics and a buffer vessel. Once the infrastructure has been set up the received energy is literally for free. Away from infrastructurally developed areas and valleys e-bike charging stations are hardly available. Destinations such as mountain pastures or low mountain tops usually don’t have electric networks. Isolated infrastructure such as guest houses and farms need the autonomously generated energy for themselves (e.g. dishwasher, lighting), and there’s no capacity for other applications and purposes. A solution to this problem is the installation and operation of independent charging stations at defined tour stops or alongside a driving route. The monolithic design vocabulary has been chosen for the use in an alpine and also in an urban environment. The design is reminiscent of a rock, but also a statement of modern architecture. The required components are naturally incorporating in the form. In addition to the charging function, you can sit comfortably for a short rest and place the bike accordingly. A good product needs to be adequately presented to visually communicate value, function and benefit.