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Gölles Bottle Design
It all begins with an idea

The bottle by Gölles really has a long history. It wasn’t the shape of the bottle that made this bottle outstanding, but the label. Alois Gölles was driven by the desire to also create an outstanding design for the bottle. The focus should be on the bottle and the existing label should be smoothly incorporated. It was obvious for the aberjung team to imitate the linear and pointed shapes in the new bottle design as well. The result is an asymmetrical body with sharp edges and lines that draws all the attention to it. Also, the traditional shape of the label will now be emphasized even more.
Brand and type are now equally presented. Narrowing down the volume of the bottle towards the base makes the bottle very exclusive. Available as 0,7 l and 0,35 l bottle – the DNA remains the same. The small bottle, however, reflects the uniqueness and the rareness of the content even more.