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The Gölles manufactory

Gölles – World of Adventure

The Gölles manufactory based in Riegersburg, Styria, produces traditional, exclusive and fruity balsamic vinegars, as well as clear and stored distilled spirits. Recently, the production process has been made visible to those who are curious in a newly created adventure tour. A completely new building, planned by the architects PlanAktiv, accomodates the interactive interior design, which was designed by the design agency Aberjung. The main goal was to combine an adventure tour with sales and exhibition area, and to make it accessible for people of all ages. Hence, the experience already begins approaching the building: The visitor will be guided through a coppery entrance portal where the view is breathtaking. The view leads to an imposing staircase made of copper, which continues to lead to an even bigger, abstract wooden tree. The tree almost reaches up to the roof of the building and is probably the most important element – and is it finally also in the production process. Whoever wants to experience the history of the Gölles manufactory first, however, can have a closer look at all the significant pieces in the sparkling environment. Those pieces are hung on individual copper rods and are protected by glass. The glassy look is intensified by the glass balloons in front of mirrored walls. On the ground floor the focus is on sales. Specially designed shelves with interactive games, show the differences of products quickly and easily. In addition, you can taste them directly at the salad bar or you can get served wonderful spirits. If opting for a tour, a wooden staircase leads to the first of five stops. In the attic are four interactive experience trees and the projection room. At each individual tree, you can, for example, guess different pits or put your musical knowledge to the test. In the projection room in the form of half an ellipse, an introductional movie is going to be presented. Then the tour continues, crossing a small bridge passing the mash area into the vinegar cellar – the largest in Austria. The next stop is called the “Genussmeile”, where all the senses are put to the test. The final stop is the distillery – where legends come to life. Visitors can let end this unique experience in the courtgarden.