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Made in the woods

Bicycles are usually made of steel, aluminium or carbon. Recently also made of wood. Aberjung wanted to strike a new path and see how we could use this natural resource in order to create something functional. Right from the beginning it was crystal clear that this was not going to be a traditional bicycle. The Aberjung-Team wanted to display a new geometry of the bicycle frame using wood.The result is spectacular: a wooden bicycle which impresses by its pleasant shape and showcases the wooden protagonist – metal parts also highlight this optically and functionally. All bicycle components, for example the automatic gear shifting, drum and coaster brake and hidden cable pulls were selected very carefully in order to make this bicycle very minimalist and also to enhance the incredible ride quality. Despite the rustic raw material the result is very stylish and urban.
The production process is also very unconventional: the wood will be brought to the boil, bowed and finished, in order to create this extreme stability and unique appearance. According to the equipment the bicycle weighs between 10 – 12 kg. Made by hand every single bicycle is an absolutely unique and individual piece.

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