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The TreeHugger is a multi-functional machine for forestry work. Developed and designed by the Aberjung-Team. This machine combines the advantages of a Harvester with those of a Forwarder. The TreeHugger excels at both, with its extreme gradient ability, and its road fitness. Through a number of sophisticated mechanisms, this vehicle is capable of transforming into different modes and it can handle any situation. For the TreeHugger, environmental sustainability comes first. It uses a hybrid drive that consists of an electric- and a gas-engine circuit. Driven whisper-quietly by electric power, or vigorously despite low CO²-emissions, it is suited for all of the forester’s requirements. Additional benefits are low weight and an innovative wheel concept. This combination ensures ultimate soil protection. This is the TreeHugger’s striking reply to efficiency-, environmental and design issues. It is an all-round tool for the forest – either for clearing-up operations after storm damages or regular thinning.